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Adult Programs 

Fellowship is a major part of who we are.   There are many opportunities to gather an share fellowship with our church family.   These are just a few: 
Pot Lucks, Adult Fellowship, LETS, Study groups, PWA, Marshall House.  Theology on tap, Lenten suppers,

reading buddies at the Center for children. 

Who doesn't love a church potluck?  We always have a thanksgiving potluck and a potluck in February for our annual meeting.  There are some other times that they pop up through out the year.  

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The PCFC (Presbyterian Center for Children) is a major mission of this church.  The Center has a program called reading buddies.  Adults come and read stories and talk with young children at the center one on one or in a small group.  Studies show that early exposure to more language (reading /conversation) makes a big difference in the child's success later in life. 

Twice during lent we hold Lenten suppers.  This is a simple meal of soup and bread.  The first is at Ash Wednesday the second is Maundy Thursday. 


Decorating the church for advent and church workdays are a part of caring for our beautiful building.

PWA (Presbyterian Womens' Association) does many things in the life of our church and in our community. To learn more about PWA click here

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