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The purpose of the Perpetual Endowment Fund is to enable the church to more

abundantly fulfill its mission to serve Christ through God’s people by developing its

Christian-based ministries beyond what is possible through operating funds. As stated

in the First Presbyterian Church of Marshall Mission Statement:


“We strive to be a loving, joyful fellowship for the worship of God. As a Christ-

Centered congregation, providing a beacon of Christian Ministry for mind, body, and

spirit, we are committed to spiritual growth, social justice and the promotion of grace

and peace in our community and all of God’s creation.”


Some examples of how proceeds from the Perpetual Endowment Fund may be used


*  Spiritual Formation                                        *  Mission, Ministry and Scholarships

* Special one-time projects                              * Capital needs of the church


The purpose of the Presbyterian Center for Children Endowment Fund is to better enable the Presbyterian Center for Children (PCFC) to more abundantly serve the community through its childcare. The goal is poverty prevention through early childhood intervention by improved language skills and incidental learning opportunities. This endowment enables volunteers and staff to spend more quality time talking, reading and interacting with children while at the same time, through financial scholarships, give relief to parents and families from the multiple stresses that come with poverty, or other hardships that may interfere with quality PCFC child care.

There are many ways to support the Perpetual Endowment Fund and the Presbyterian Center for Children Endowment Fund, which are separate from the annual campaign to fund the operating budget of The First Presbyterian Church of Marshall. Some of the most often used are:

Check or Cash or Online – The most common method. Just designate which endowment fund you wish your donation to be made on the memo line of your check made payable to First Presbyterian Church of Marshall. If donating cash, please include a note directing the money to the appropriate fund. You can also donate online at our church website through a secure giving site. Designate “Endowment” in the “To:” drop down screen. Go to:

Noncash Gifts – Appreciated stock is the most common type of noncash gift that provides support and avoids capital gains tax. Other types of noncash gifts include automobiles, boats, real estate or antiques. Noncash gifts will be sold upon receipt and the proceeds will be given to the designated fund.

IRA – A direct gift of all or a portion of your annual RMD (required minimum distribution) is a popular method of supporting these endowments and avoiding tax on the withdrawal. Make sure the gift goes directly from your IRA to First Presbyterian Church of Marshall. NOTE: RMD’s were suspended in 2020 by the Cares Act but are expected to be reinstated for 2021.

Planned Gifts – These gifts do not require the donor to part with assets during their lifetime. A bequest, which is a written statement in your will directing a dollar amount or a percentage of the estate value directly to First Presbyterian Church, is the most popular planned giving method. Others include designating First Presbyterian Church as a life insurance policy beneficiary, and gifts such as charitable gift annuities that return income or other financial benefits to the donor (along with tax benefits) in return for the contribution.

The Perpetual Endowment Fund Committee and the Presbyterian Center for Children Endowment Fund Committee are available to answer your questions and assist you in structuring your donations. Please contact us by calling the church office at: 269-781-5161. Send us an email or visit us on Facebook through our website at:

Our address is: 200 W. Mansion Street, Marshall, MI 49068

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