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Center for Children

The Presbyterian Center for Children is a mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Marshall, Michigan. We strive to provide a quality, safe and caring environment that nurtures children of all backgrounds ages 6 weeks to 12 years, through the combined efforts of teachers, parents and church members. We encourage parental and community involvement in the developmental growth of children to reach their full potential while knowing they are loved by God.

PCFC Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Presbyterian Center for Children is to provide child care services which enhance the development of children. The Center exists to serve God by serving families.

PCFC Philosophy

If the needs of children are met adequately by caring adults, they will grow into healthy and whole adults themselves, knowing that they are loved by God. In these days of social and economic change, parents find themselves looking for quality child care outside of the home. The center exists to serve families by helping children of diverse backgrounds grow and learn. The Center is a church based center concerned for the whole child. This includes their spiritual, emotional, physical, cognitive and social development.

For more information on The Presbyterian Center for Children, please visit their website.


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